Invitation Profe_minist Academy 2018

== English Version ==

9th – 13th May 2018 near Berlin

What is it about?
A pro_feminist academy in which we want to talk about feminism, patriarchy and masculinities – with a personal, biographic approach as well as theoretical perspectives. It shall provide space to examine our personal involvement in patriarchal structures, to deal with feminist theories related to that involvement and general social issues and to think about possibilities for participatíng in feminist struggles.

We call the academy „profem_inist“ because as a partly cis male preparation group we don‘t want to appropriate the term „feminist“. Claiming the position of cis male already shows that the binary gender order of our society has its undeniable effects. To hint also to the fragility of that binary order and to show that there are more than two genders (i. e. not only feminist or profeminist) we decided to write „profemin_ist“ with a dynamic underscore moving through the word.
And the term academy stands for an interested group of people dealing with a topic they chose in a self organized way. There’s no connection to „academic“ as it is used in university settings.

Who is invited?
Everyone who is interested in the topics of the academy and claims an emancipatory attitude. Similar academies alread took place in September 2015, February 2016 and in Oktober 2017. However, we will prepare the academy in a way that does not make it necessary to have visited the former academies in order to be able to participate in this one now.

There will be nothing like elaborated workshop elements strictly building on each other. Instead the academy will be more like a diverse jigsaw puzzle of different approaches. There will be space for self reflection as well as theoretical discussions. Some puzzle pieces will be prepared by us but we will be really happy about every idea or topic you prepare and bring! The puzzle pieces are not ready yet. But the following topics are in preparation: Definitionmacht ( among other things it means that the survivor has the right to define their experience as an act of sexual harassment or sexual violence without other people challenging this definition) Emotions, Trans*Gender, Sex, Body, 4 in 1 Perspective (a Marxist-Feminism Concept), Masculinities in social relations and movement.

Concept / timetable
At the beginning of the academy we will form small groups which will go through the program of the academy together. Each small group can build its own timetable out of the available puzzle pieces. If we feel like it, we will also have exchange and discussions in the entire group. There will be small groups talking in English and in bigger discussions there will be a whispered one-to-one translation from German to English. As a frame for the timetable there will be large times for collective breaks and a daily „criticism space“. This space is supposed to be an opportunity for practising solidary and critical interactions as well as talking about personal needs etc.

Time and Space
The academy is going to take place from Wednesday, 9th to Sunday, 13th of May. Wednesday is the day of relaxed arrival (until 7pm) and on Sunday there will be the last “official” part (until -2pm) of the programme. We will meet at ca. one hour away from Berlin. We will try to organize the journey collectivly. The place is not accessible by wheelchair.

We cannot precisely calculate the costs for travelling and eating. We try to keep them low though. We think it will be 30€ for the academy. In any case we will distribute the costs in a solidary way so that everyone can participate regardless of their financial possibilities.

Please sign up by sending an email to, if you want to participate. The deadline for registration is 1st May. We have limited the number of participantes to 35.
Please tell us:
1. Whether or how many childeren are taking part with you
2. where you are planing to travel from
3. whether you have any food intolerances (we cook vegan)
4. whether you are planing to stay in the house or whether you are rather bringing your own tent (there are about 22 sleeping spaces in houses)
5. and what else you need to feel comfortable
It would be nice if you could write us a quick mail to profemak(at) so we can plan infrastructural stuff. We will send you more information soon.
If you have any other questions or needs, don‘t hesitate to write to us. (for safe sending you can find the PGP-Key with the mail address on following servers:

P.S.: Please forward this invitation to friends only.