Invitation for the Pro_feminist Academy 2019

7th – 12th of June 2019 near Erfurt

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What is it about?
It is about feminism, patriarchy and gender-specific socialisation.
We use the word academy not in the meaning of university, although some parts are of theoretical nature. The Profem_minist Academy rather wants to provide a space for facing our biographical background and personal inclusion in patriarchal structures.
We want to bring feminist theories together with contemplation about our personal entanglement and attitude in the patriarchal system. And we want to gain awareness about our possibilities to fight feminist fights or to support them as an ally.
You hear about profeminism where there are persons – often cisgender and endosex men – who do not want to take possession of the word “feminism”. Sometimes because they do not fight specific feminist fights or do not experience a specific type of patriarchal violence because of their position.
We as a partly cis-endo-male preparation group of the Academy want to tie in with this thought.
The Academy wants to strengthen both: Feminism and profeminism. A dynamic underline moves through our “Profemini_st”, since it’s separation is as brittle as the binary gender system itself.
People who match with the gender identity they got assigned at at birth are called cisgender. Cis means not trans*. People who are not inter*sex are called endosex. Their bodys fit in the medical norm of male or female bodys.

Who is invited?
Everyone who is interested in the topics of the Academy and claims an emancipatory attitude. Five similar Academies already took place since 2015. However, it is not necessary to have attended one of the previous Academies in order to be able to participate in the sixth Academy.
Till now both the organization group and the event itself where mainly consisting of cis-endo-male participants. The main topic was and is masculinity, although a shift to more diverse topics occurred which focus more on other gender identities.
On one hand does the Academy want to provide room for women, lesbians, trans* and inter* persons. A room, in which they can expose themselves to their own main topics. There will be the possibility to form peer groups without cis-endo-men. (more info about peer groups in the next paragraph.)
On the other hand is the Academy a space for cis-endo-men to expose themselves to feminism and patriarchy. A situation that could be with good reason experienced as exhausting and tension-filled by women, lesbians, trans* and inter* persons.
This contradiction is part of the Academy since its beginnings.

Concept / timetable
The Academy is not a workshop and there will be no workshops. Instead the participants will decide for themselves what they want to work on. At the start of the Academy small peer groups of three to five people will form.
The process of group forming will consider knowledge of language, needs for groups of a specific gender and everything that could be important to you. Most of the day will be spent in these peer groups. But there will be periods of time where all participants can meet and also time to tend to oneself.
A key element of the Academy will be the puzzle pieces. Puzzle pieces are texts and suggestions of methods to approach them, which are prepared beforehand. Every peer group may choose to work on a few of them over the course of the next few days.

These topics from previous academies will be provided:
Sexuality, Rape Culture, Topless, Men’s Groups, Trans*- Allyship, Masculinity and Emotions, Four-in-One-Perspective, Feminism and Commons, Masculinity and Health.
The following puzzle pieces are under development:
Reproductive Work, Relational & emotional labour, Parenthood, Homophobia and male distinction from Femininity, Gender_Sex, Alcohol & Drugs consumption, Dealing with violence.

Materials of past academies can be found here:

Time and Space
The Academy is going to take place near Erfurt and starts on Friday the 7th of June 2019 (07.06.2019). It is important to arrive till 6 pm, since at 7 pm the official program will start.
The last day will be the 12th of June (12.06.2019) with end of program at 12 am and with cleaning afterwards till 3 pm.
We would be glad if some participants would join us for the cleaning part.
Accessibility, Cats, Dogs
Unfortunately the location is not wheelchair accessible.
There will be one cat on the site. For people with strong cat allergy we would not recommend the event. If it is (only) light cat allergy, please write us. There will be sleeping places which the cat can not reach.
Dogs are not allowed on the site.

We will try to get funding, but are unable to estimate the expenses at this moment. Quite vaguely, we expect the average price per participant to be something around 100 Euro (costs for traveling, sleeping and food combined).
Independently from what it will cost, we will make it possible for everyone to attend through a solidarity concept, even if your budget would normally not allow you to.

We are glad, that this year’s Profemi_nist Academy is sponsered by „Hannchen-Mehrzweck-Stiftung – schwul-lesbische Stiftung für queere Bewegungen“ ( and Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung (

Please sign up by sending an email to, if you want to participate. The deadline for registration is the 27th of May 2019, but please sign in as so as possible so that we can plan ahead and invite accordingly. We have limited the number of participants to 35. Since our concept involves small group work and builds on the overall group atmosphere, it is only possible to participate for the whole duration of the Academy (7th till 12th of June).

Please tell us:
1. whether or how many children are taking part with you. And if you wish to have child care for them arranged.
2. if you want to care for your child/children by yourself. Which could limit your capability of participating in small group work.
3. where you are planing to travel from. And if you wish for us to arrange group travel with other participants from your area.
4. whether you have any food intolerances (we cook vegan) and allergies (e.g. cat allergy)
5. whether you are planing to stay in the house or want to bring your own tent.
6. whether you are a cis-endo man – we ask this to see how the realtion between cis-endo men and WLTI*-persons will be and to name this relation in case somebody asks us for (definition above)
7. whether it’s okay to give your email-adress to other participants for joint travel
8. and everything else you need to feel comfortable.

Feel free to contact us through: profemak(at)*

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